PhD Program Clinical Training 

The PhD Director of Clinical Training (DCT), Associate Director of Clinical Training (ADCT), and Practicum Site Coordinator oversee clinical training for PAU PhD students.  These faculty set policy and procedure, manage the placement process, teach Professional Standards and Practicum Forum courses, and provide advising for practicum and internship placement. In addition, they provide quality assurance for new and ongoing practicum and internship sites. They collaborate with other PhD faculty, as appropriate, regarding all aspects of PhD students’ clinical training and placement.

Director of Clinical Training 

Genevieve Arnaut PsyD, PhD

Building 3, Rm. 353 (upstairs)

Email: garnaut@paloaltou.edu

Phone: 650-433-6845

Assistant Director of Clinical Training

John Liedecke, PhD

Building 3, Rm. 352

Email: jliedecke@paloaltou.edu

Phone: 650-433-3821

Practicum Site Coordinator

Alicea (Angel) Evans, PsyD

Building 3, Rm. 351

Email: aevans@paloaltou.edu

Clinical Training Manager

Dave Dewberry

Email: phdclinicaltraining@paloaltou.edu

Phone: 503-447-6850

The PhD Clinical Training Team is working remotely until further notice and can be best reached by email and zoom appointment.