Sessions 2010

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This is where you can add your ideas for sessions. These ideas may be preliminary and incomplete, and can disappear at any time!

  • Discussion of social search
  • Beats for geeks - music mixing tech tools
  • Data visualization art
  • Circuit Bending
  • Discussion of social interaction design (i.e. "SxD")
  • What does a social agent look like? i.e. building social web functionality into the browser
  • Text Adventures / interactive fiction - the ultimate virtual reality
  • OpenID Connect
  • What Chicago's citizen sector (foundations, nonprofits) can do to invest in and operate tech projects for social good
  • Exploring the influence of social networks on food shopping behavior (i.e., "can your friends make you fat?")
  • Android for the Ajax ninjas
  • Connecting diverse fields to solve complex problems.
  • HTML5 extreme
  • Creating real-time collaborative web applications with rio
  • Public Speaking Tips with a professional Yo-yo Man
  • BBQ - The Art & Science of Smoking the Pig (eat some BBQ while thinking of ways to hack a Big Green Egg and Stoker )
  • Reinventing Innovation & the Start-Up Model - Brainstorming Session
  • Designing a real 3D hardware display screen. (Imagine a motorized "pin art" display like in that Nine Inch Nails video.)
  • How, when and what design research to use to help your startup succeed.
  • Teaching Students How to Be Hackers
  • Why is this a pop song
  • Cartographic stories from Chicago History
  • Hacking journalism
  • A new startup model
  • Augmented Ajax for Android
  • Software craftsmanship
  • Etiquette for conducting internet man hunts
  • How do do a UX site review for devs and biz folks
  • Start up's building iPhone apps
  • Development in the cloud workshop - bring you laptop
  • much, much more....

After hours...
  • Tunisian crochet or ORDcamp granny squares (I'll bring the yarn and needles)
  • Singing Tom Jones songs.
  • Who's the Werewolf
  • Settlers of Catan
  • Segway rides and stunts