2011 Feedback

"I know this sounds corny, but ORD Camp changed my life.  [For me it was] An Intellectual Burning Man.  A place where passionate people come to share their ideas, create new ideas, and absorb the ideas of others.  You'll leave wishing it never ended. You'll leave with an even thirstier brain."
                                                    - Jeff Solin

"ORD Camp made me realize how incredible life could be when you're surrounded by people that not only believe everything is possible, but who enjoy proving it through their everyday actions, and encourage and help you to do the same."
                                                    - Moshe Tamssot

"Between ORD talks and TED, I remember that there are really other 'odd people that think like me'. I'm grateful for that."
                                                    - Blagica Bottigliero

"The best, most interesting dinner party you can imagine, served up with a decidedly technical bent and extended over the course of 35 hours.

With beer."
                                                    -Will Robinson

"It's like I just visited with 200 super cool friends I didn't know I had."
                                                    -Michael Sussman

Inspiration, true and legitimate inspiration, is hard to come by in our everyday lives. Our jobs, our families, our stinky dogs, our driveways filled with 2 feet of snow...there are a million things to distract us and bring us back down to Earth. But with ORD Camp, every distraction is a fresh burst of inspiration. From hearing someone talk about the library sciences with the tenderness of a lover to watching someone else take a juggling club to the face, ORD Camp is a frenzy of music and ideas and action that will leave you exhausted, inspired, humbled, and heroic. 

Really, it's simply not to be missed. 
                                                    - Steve Brown

It's like a camp organized around your passions. A camp where the state of being is emergent passion and imagination.
                                                    -Bill Guschwan                                      

ORD Camp is the best way to keep your sanity and inspiration stoked between the holidays and the first rays of sunshine in April.  Couldn't make it without ORD Camp.
                                                    - David Falck

Picture a two-day-long cross between a cocktail party, a garage band practice, and a mad scientists' convention, and you'll be in the right ballpark.
                                                    -Jacob Matthews

It's summer camp with 100+ people that are 100x as smart as you...or at least, 100x as smart as me, from many different disciplines. And it isn't in summer.
                                                    -Leon Chism