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Student Council

Upcoming Events

  • September 30- Stuco Bonfire @ 7:30 P.M.
  • October 4- Stuco meeting @ 7:30 A.M. in Mrs. Sheppard's room
  • October 31- Student council trick or treating for cans
Student Council Members 12-13
 Freshmen: Sophomore: Junior: Seniors:
 Mr. Goforth
 Brendan K.
 Nick S.
 Raquel C.
 Brianna K.
Mrs. Sheppard
 Jessie K.

 Macey W.
 Nick W.
 Zach Y.
 Keatyn M.
Kendall L.
 Mackenzie Y.
 Jackson L.
 Megan W.
Abbie B.
(Vice President)
 Meaghan D.
 Hailee S.
 Allison K.
 Jeremy W.
 Kara S.
 Nealey R.
 Kailey S.
 Madalyn F.
 Connor O.
Alexis K.
  Rachel R.
  Brandon L.
  Lauren U.
(P. R.)
    Kaylyn F.
     Torey D.
The Student Council is the student governing body.  Four representatives are elected from each class their freshman year, and one additional representative is elected each year thereafter to serve on the Council, thus giving well-distributed representation to all segments of the student body.  Among their responsibilities, the Student Council sponsors various assembly programs during the year, as well as Homecoming.  The Student Council also is very active in various community service projects.  It is expected the Student Council will, from time to time, discuss and make recommendations concerning the development and promotion of worthy ideals relative to scholarship, citizenship, sportsmanship, and other factors which make for a general well-rounded educational experience.