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Materials required for band:
1) A 3-ring, one inch binder
2) Full page sheet protectors (25 - 30 of these)
3) A pencil with an eraser! (And several extras)
4) Qwik Time QT-3 Quartz Metronome - Click to purchase
5) Korg CA-1 Chromatic Tuner - Click to purchase
6) Band book (Grade 6 and 7 only) - Click to purchase from :
        7th/8th Grade: Sound Innovations for Concert Band Book 2
 **Be sure to purchase the book for the specific instrument your child plays.**
**Read below before ordering.** 
  • These have already been ordered for 6th graders - send your payment in to Dr. Warner by 8/21/15. 7th graders are to purchase their book on their own. $13 for percussionists, $9 for all other instruments. These need to be purchased by 8/21/15!
  • Clarinet players DO NOT purchase the book that says "Alto Clarinet"; you need just "CLARINET". Percussionists need the "COMBINED PERCUSSION" book ($12.99). Horn players need the "F HORN" book. Saxophonists need either "ALTO SAX", "TENOR SAX", OR "BARI SAX". Baritones need the BASS CLEF Baritone book.
  • Books can also be purchased at Western Hills Music at 4310 Harrison Avenue (Next door to Wassler Meats), Cincinnati, OH 45239 
    (513) 598-9000
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