Dear students, parents and supporters of the JMSS Music program,

Thanks so much for your patience as we have received multiple emails asking for clarification about the school year and how the music courses will operate. We had not been given any information or communication until yesterday afternoon with details about the future of music at John McCrae.

In a meeting yesterday, administration has decided to cancel all music outside the timetable and will be collapsing other courses. AMH and AMR will not run this year. We have been told no other courses will be outright cancelled but the situation is fluid.

What will the year look like? We are as uncertain as you but we are hoping to maintain the foundations of our award winning programs in spite of adversity. We will be delivering our expertise in getting the most out of music through playing, understanding and appreciation of all facets of music as it impacts us through social, cultural and personal development.

While we are no longer consulted on changes to the music program, we will try our best to advocate for one of the most critical elements in many of our lives. The development of passion, curiosity, creativity and community that so many students have grown with is still critically important to us here in the program. We will continue to promote the value, enrichment and importance art brings to people and society as we move forward.

Thanks so much for all of your support. We hope to see all of you soon.

Thanks so much,

Alyssa, Craig and Mike


JMSS Music

What is it?

Produced by:

Hope Ballinger,

Grade 11 trumpet and

future music legend