Legal Assistance of Western New York, Inc. ® is always seeking attorneys to partner with our organization. The law is extremely powerful. It can mean the difference between someone having a roof over their head or being homeless, having food on their table or going hungry, having access to childcare so that they can maintain employment or being unemployed.

Pro Bono attorneys can play a powerful role in the delivery of legal services. Sign up today to help fill the "justice gap" and increase access to the justice system.

The need for legal services in our communities is great, and many of our community members face barriers to access to justice. Civil legal services programs like LawNY® have the capacity to meet only about 20% of the legal needs of our client populations.

Your assistance will help serve members of our communities who are in need of legal services. Please see our Volunteer Opportunities for more information on current projects.

Since 2014, LawNY® has been an approved CLE provider and issues CLE credits to attorneys who complete Pro Bono services for LawNY®. LawNY® has also partnered with bar associations and law schools to provide free CLE trainings to members and the community. If you are interested in learning more about collaborating with LawNY to provide CLE trainings to your members on topics that will aid in Pro Bono work, please contact our Director of Pro Bono Affairs, Kelly McGovern at

What kind of work is available?

Transactional work

Limited Scope Representation

Full Representation of a legal services client

CLE presenter

Clinic Assistance

and more!

How will I receive assignments?

LawNY screens all cases for service eligibility, legal issue and pro bono placement. If a case qualifies for a referral, we will contact you about your availability. If you agree to take the case, our staff will send you a confirming letter and any necessary documents.

What if I'm new to this area of law?

Our Pro Bono team can provide substantive training as well as access to our many practice resources to aid in your representation of a LawNY client.

Our staff and experienced volunteers may also provide mentoring while you familiarize yourself.

When and how will I get my CLE credit?

Once the work is completed on a case you will sign a form and submit that to LawNY along with your hours spent on the case to allow for proper credit to be issued and to comply with CLE board requirements. For more details see the information below.

CLE Credit for Performing Pro Bono Legal Services

"Credit may be earned for performing uncompensated legal services for clients unable to afford counsel pursuant to (a) assignment by a court; or (b) a program, accredited by the CLE Board, of a bar association, legal services provider or other entity. Credit shall be awarded pursuant to the Regulations and Guidelines of the CLE Board, provided that no more than ten (10) hours of CLE credit may be earned in a two-year reporting period for performing pro bono legal services. An additional five (5) hours of CLE credit may be earned subject to the requirements and limitations set forth in the Regulations and Guidelines of the CLE Board."

16a - CLE-Regulations__Guidelines-June 2018.pdf

October 25th-October 31st.

Thank you for celebrating!

Stay tuned for information on next year's celebration!

We are once again facing a crisis in our country and the need for Pro Bono assistance is at an all time high. We are calling on you to "help shine a spotlight on the need for Pro Bono and honor the Pro Bono attorneys who work every day to achieve access to justice" by participating in Pro Bono Week 2020

Every October since 2009, legal organizations across the country have participated in the National Celebration of Pro Bono, hosted by the American Bar Association. The celebration began in response to the economic crisis of the times and the need for Pro Bono assistance. In 2009, the number of events hosted in celebration of Pro Bono work was 600 however, in 2019, there were over 1,600 events hosted.

This year, the celebration is focused around the theme of; "Rising to Meet the Challenge: Pro Bono Responds to COVID-19". The goal of Pro Bono Week is to encourage attorneys like you to meet the challenges of COVID-19 by participating in Pro Bono assistance, by celebrating other attorneys who are doing great Pro Bono work, and by providing trainings for volunteers to help serve those in need of legal assistance.