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Helping law students, volunteers, and legal professionals connect with volunteer opportunities that assist legal services providers and their clients both remotely and at our local offices.

For our clients, legal services and pro bono assistance can be life changing, and by introducing a new, dynamic online platform to our volunteers, LawNY is opening new avenues to increase engagement, donations, and impacting change in the communities we serve.

Today, LawNY's new online volunteer platform has information about volunteer opportunities, current CLE offerings, materials and aids to assist in representing LawNY clients, and other engagement activities in hopes of increasing the variety of ways for volunteers to get involved and select current opportunities. This mobile-friendly and web-based system, which is administrated by LawNY, is our new "Pro Bono Portal".

Galaxy Digital, which hosts the new site, is a software company that supports volunteer centers and organizations across the country. Its products are designed to engage volunteers, give users an enjoyable experience, and make good things happen in communities of all sizes.

LawNY’s new platform will do more than just offer volunteer opportunities to anyone looking to get involved and serve the unmet legal needs of our clients; we hope it will also help to build lasting relationships with our volunteers.

Opportunities currently listed online include gender affirmative name changes, pro se divorce assistance, and drafting simple wills and end of life planning documents. The need for these services has increased while the pandemic has created additional barriers to accessing legal services for our rural communities. Opportunities are available whether you are a law student, attorney or just have a heart for service!

Responding to opportunities is easy and will make a difference. Volunteers can register by going to and creating an account to view and respond to these needs.

For more information about navigating our Pro Bono Portal or to speak with a staff member from our Pro Bono team, please contact Alexia McFadden at or

The COVID-19 pandemic has threatened safe and stable housing for tenants in the Ithaca area, where an astounding 73% of the population is comprised of renters. The need for legal advice and representation for tenants in our community is dire. This CLE covers updates on COVID-related housing law. It will provide attorneys with an update on the recent changes in housing law and equip them with the tools necessary to continue assisting tenants in a variety of ways through pro bono legal assistance.

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Pro Bono Team seeking volunteers!

Our team and staff at LawNY have been out in our community actively seeking volunteers to assist tenants facing eviction. Opportunities are available for college students, law students and attorneys. Our offices are unable to assist all the tenants that need our help. Help us meet this urgent need and contact our team today for more details about how you can help!


Keran Mattu and Kelsey Aasen, Pro Bono Housing Project staff, at the Cornell Service Fair 9/21/21

US Attorney General Merrick Asks the Legal Community to Volunteer to Help in the Eviction Crisis


Interested attorneys can send an email to or register to be a volunteer here. If you are unable to volunteer for this project yourself, please help by spreading the word about this pro bono opportunity.

Please help individuals in our community impacted by COVID-19 and volunteer today. Together we can make a difference!

Attorney General's Call to Action: Legal Assistance of Western New York Needs Your Help!

LawNY needs your help to provide legal education, advocacy, and housing court representation! Our main goal is to provide tenant access to legal representation and increase the number of individuals and families we can help that are facing loss of housing.

LawNY has experience working with remote volunteers, and has prepared training materials, court schedules, and a pro bono attorney-focused CLE presentation to allow for virtual connections between attorneys and clients.

CLE: Pro Bono Guide to Certificates of Rehabilitation 10/28/2021

Register today for this informative training for pro bono volunteers to assist clients with Certificates of Rehabilitation. Certificates of Rehabilitation can minimize the collateral consequences of an individual’s criminal record and may provide restoration to some legal rights in New York State. This course will provide a practical guide for attorneys to assist clients in applying for certificates of rehabilitation. We will explain how to read a rap sheet and determine eligibility for Certificates of Relief from Disabilities and Certificates of Good Conduct. We will also explore the effects of certificates on employment and occupational licenses, clearances, and registrations.

You can still VOLUNTEER to take a client!!

Materials and trainings are available for volunteers to learn about the new laws related to expungement of criminal convictions and instances in which a client can seek a motion for expungement.

Contact Ronette Steele to volunteer to provide legal advice and counsel to eligible individuals with marijuana convictions by sending an email to or register here to volunteer and select "Re-entry" as an area you want to assist with!

Pro Bono Team Mission Statement:

To support and enhance private attorney and other volunteer recruitment, outreach, and recognition for Pro Bono efforts throughout mixed urban-rural service areas by creating streamlined and uniform systems that support and implement Pro Bono best practices and case management. We strive to make Pro Bono assistance accessible, efficient, and advantageous for all Pro Bono attorneys and volunteers in order to increase the number of clients who receive Pro Bono representation, the substantive law practice areas in which Pro Bono legal services are provided, and the number of clients who receive extended representation through Pro Bono legal services.

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LawNY 2020 Annual Report.pdf

2020 Annual Report

This report will give you an overview of not only our organization but our overall impact as well. We hope that you use this report in order to choose which office and field you would like to volunteer with but also to recognize that your work and donated time has a real long term impact on our clients all across of our service area. We appreciate your donated time and recognize your importance and we hope you do to!

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