The official site of North Andover Reads has moved! Check back for updated site and information!

The Stevens Memorial Library and the North Andover School District have teamed up to create the North Andover Reads initiative, aimed at bringing our community together through literature. Each year, we aim to provide the citizens of North Andover with a celebration of literature based around a particular theme or author. Events such as book clubs, author talks, panel discussions and more will be hosted in and around North Andover by both the library and the school district.

What is a community read all about?

As a community, North Andover will be reading books by a single author, and will be discussing those books as a community in order to bring us all closer together! Here are some quotes that'll tell you more:

  • “The idea is that the city that opens the same book closes it in greater harmony.” — Mary McGrory, The Washington Post, March 17, 2002

  • “People can go for days at a time not talking to anyone outside their immediate family. There are precious few opportunities for people of different ethnic background, economic levels or ages to sit down together and discuss ideas that are important to them this project provides that opportunity.” — Nancy Pearl, Director, Washington Center for the Book

  • “This program is a wonderful opportunity to bring individuals together in the community through a shared reading experience. It is certain to enrich the lives of those who participate.” — Bill Bogaard, Mayor, Pasadena, California

  • “I wanted the community to connect, and I wanted a way for us to talk about something shared…it’s a great conversation starter.” — Gus Garcia, Mayor, Austin, Texas, commenting on the Austin Public Library’s “The Mayor’s Book Club”