Student Internships

CCWC utilizes interns in our programs during the school year and summer in various capacities.

Counseling interns - first or second year master's level students in Social Work or Counseling fields of study, that engage in direct empowerment counseling and case management servicing.

Legal Advocacy interns - law students that act as advocates in the Superior Court House for Final Restraining Order Hearings, Temporary Restraining Order filings, and other advocacy capacities.

Administrative interns - undergraduate students interested in assisting in day-to-day office operations, handling phone procedures as well as hotline, and donation correspondence.

Fundraising interns - any students looking to gain experience in event planning and marketing.

All interns must complete a 40+ hours training program. Prospective interns should work through their school internships programs.

To apply for any of the above positions, please do so below: