Welcome to Kindergarten

Welcome to kindergarten! I am so excited for you to be apart of my class! We will be doing so many fun things this year and I can’t wait to get started! Mrs. Williams will be our assistant this year, and will help with our daily activities. Here are some important things for you to know about our classroom. If you have any further questions you can always reach me by email katelynn.ashley@nhcs.net. I will respond as quickly as possible.

Arrival/Dismissal: Our mornings are very important. We start instruction as soon as the tardy bell rings. Your child is considered tardy if they are not in the classroom by 7:35am. Children are allowed in the classroom at 7:15, but please not before that time. I always love to see you, but mornings in kindergarten are very busy and I am always needed by the students. If you have anything you would like to discuss, notes in binder or email would be the most beneficial way of contact.  

Communication Binder: Each student will be bringing home a purple folder which will be used to help facilitate communication between school and home (Monday-Thursday). This folder needs to be checked over and SIGNED daily. Please take the time to admire your child’s work and praise your child’s effort. Your interest and help in their education is an extremely important motivator. Items that you need to send to school (notes, lunch money, etc.) should be placed in this folder. Folders are checked by a teacher each morning. If you are sending money, please put it in an envelope or Ziploc bag with your child’s name labeled on the outside. 

Birthdays: I love birthdays and enjoy making students feel special on their day. Here are some helpful tips to ensure a fun and easy time to celebrate for all. You are welcome to send in treats if you like. We will have 20 students in our class. It is sometimes hard for kindergarten friends to deal with choices, so sending in the same (cupcakes, donuts, cookies…) makes life happier for all. Treats will be most beneficial during our recess time at 1:15. If needed I can accommodate a different time, but please email or send a note so I can set this up and be prepared. Please make certain treats are peanut free. Birthday invitations may not be distributed from school unless the entire class (not just all the boys or all the girls) is invited. It is against school policy and it creates very unhappy little ones when they realize they’re not included. We are happy to provide you with the mailing and email addresses of students whose parents give release permission. Thank you for helping us keep everyone included!

Parent Volunteers: I love having help in the classroom and appreciate any time you can give. I will be sending home a volunteer sheet the first week of school for you to sign up if you like, but will not start for a while so we can work on routines and procedures. If you can’t make it to the school I always have things that need to be cut or prepared. Any help I can get is gladly taken and used. :)

Snack: Snack time will be offered to your child every day (mid morning). We encourage you to send in a healthy snack; crackers, fruit, cereal, pretzels, raw veggies, etc. This will reinforce our attempts to teach your child healthy eating habits. SNACKS NEED TO BE CLEARLY LABELED WITH YOUR CHILD’S NAME. You may send in a juice box or water bottle, no soda please.

Lunch: Student lunch price is $2.55 and Ice Cream (Fridays) is $0.75.  Parents may add money to their child's account online or send money in a bag labeled with their name. 
Link to Menu and other lunch info: http://www.nhcs.net/nutrition/menus.htm 

I know this will be an absolutely wonderful year! I am always here for anything you need. Communication is important, please never hesitate to contact me! I can’t wait to have the best kindergarten year! :)

Miss Ashley