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Mrs. Thompson's English 8

Classroom Policies and Procedures Disclosure Document

Classroom Expectations

The Rule of 30: Ask yourself, if all thirty (plus) students were doing what I am doing, could effective learning take place? If the answer is no, please change your behavior. The teacher has the right to teach, and all students have the right to learn (without someone tapping a beat with their pencil or feet, whispering snarky comments to get a laugh, calling out in an attempt to distract the class, or whistling random tunes).

Please be mindful of others.

    • Stay in your seat, knees under your desk, feet on the floor.
    • Call out only when given permission.
    • Use a respectful tone with everyone.
    • Come to class prepared to read, write, and participate.
    • Place phones/devices and hats on the counter, out of reach, during class time.

Tardy Policy

I have a bell-to-bell learning policy. Be in your seat, working on the entry task before the bell finishes ringing or you will be marked tardy. At the end of the period, please wait for me to dismiss you so we can make the most of our 45 minutes every day.

Supplies Needed in Class Every Day

    • 1 one-subject spiral notebook or composition book (no pages will be removed)
    • loose-leaf notebook paper (to be replenished as needed) and pens/pencils.
    • A reading book of your choice

Students who are on task and come to class with the supplies listed above will benefit from daily professionalism points.

Late Work

Late work will receive half credit but I reserve the right to increase any score.

Late work that is not finished properly will not receive a grade and must be redone for credit.

Be Nice!

Name calling, teasing, gossiping, shoving, tripping, pinching, back talking, taking/hiding another's property, or gesturing that is aimed to embarrass, minimize, taunt or distract someone else—teachers and substitutes included--will be stopped immediately and will result in lost citizenship points or a principal referral. Be nice! There are plenty of ways to get attention without acting like a pest.

Some of the Reading Material for the Year

Short Stories: The Bet, The Lie, The Clown, Flowers for Algernon

Phineas Gage: A Gruesome but True Story of Brain Science

In conjunction with Anne Frank (the drama and the diary): The Hiding Place and Hitler Youth,

In conjunction with Getting Away with Murder: Mississippi Trial 1955, Watsons Go to Birmingham, Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry, Freedom Riders

Read-aloud novel: The Outsiders

A variety of poetry, informational articles, authentic documents, video clips, and speeches will also be used to supplement the readings above.

Home Reading

Students are challenged to read as many books as they possibly can every month. Those who read between 12-19 books during the school year will qualify for the Thompson Twelve Club. Those who read 20 or more will be part of the Thompson Twenty Club--an elite group of students who are distinguished enough to have their picture placed on my Wall of Wonder for years to come. In 2015, one of my students read over 200 novels during the school year. Aim high!

    • Monthly book chats and one-page Reading Reflections will be used to measure student accountability for reading.
    • I ask that caregivers help track the books a student has read throughout the year. Book tracking sheets will be signed and collected monthly. Reading one book per month is the minimum requirement, and students should not expect guardians to sign their chart if no evidence of reading has been witnessed.


Plagiarism is more than copying something from the internet (or other sources) and saying it is your work. It also includes copying an assignment from a friend because you were absent, didn't finish the assignment, or forgot it was due.

Thanks to technology, plagiarism is extremely easy to detect. If a student is caught copying, or if plagiarism is discovered via internet tools, a "0" will be assigned without an opportunity for making up the points lost.

Absence Policy

Students are responsible for checking the “What Did I Miss?” calendar and file upon returning to class after an absence. If more information is needed, I will be happy to help reteach or explain assignments during Pack Time or by appointment. I have hall duty in between classes, so that is not an ideal time to ask about what was missed.

Two days for each absence will be given to complete the work missed. This is twice the time mandated by the district, so please take your time and do quality work.

Students who ask for work prior to an absence will be expected to turn in finished work upon their return. If a student will not have time to complete the work during an absence, please do not ask for the work in advance.

Extended illnesses or emergencies are, of course, exceptions.

***Student attendance will account for 10% of a student's total grade.

See Nebo School District Policies (JDH sec. 5) for more information

English Dept. Grade Scale

93-100 A

90-92 A-

87-89 B+

83-86 B

80-82 B-

77-79 C+

73-76 C

70-72 C-

63-69 D+

57-62 D

50-56 D-

0-49 F

You are capable of amazing things! I look forward to reading your work and helping you develop your own writing style.

English class is a great place to read, write, think, and connect!