Nicole Wenner

My journey started when I was cleaning my house and throwing away an old vacuum in 2008.  I stepped off the deck and onto a flat rock; I fell to the ground with a painfully twisted ankle.  Conventional medicine numbed me so I could continue to go to work; however, a Reiki healing is what peaked my interest to learn more.  

I have met an abundance of wonderful people that have helped me learn about myself.  When I say that it includes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual!  I have endured some challenges that have helped me to change parts of my life that were not well.  However, I have enjoyed many new and interesting things along the way.  The accomplishments that I have acquired on my path are: 

  • Bachelor of Science Degree: University of Wisconsin-Stout, Menomonie, WI
  • Young Living Independent Distributor #991727
  • Certified in Aromatherapy: Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy in California
  • Certified Usui Reiki Master/Teacher
  • Certified NETA Yoga Instructor
  • CPR Certified

    The most enlightening part of my journey started after helping with a Chakra Clearing class.  I initially was going to teach the yoga section of the class and ended up on the greatest journey that I could have traveled.  It brought to me more awareness of my gifts and abilities, which I am now sharing as my work to help others release the emotions that can create the challenges in daily life.  I continue using my intuition and the information I receive from my Guides, the Archangels and Ascended Masters.

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    Phone number: 715.296.5552

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