Project Pride 2019

Project Pride is an experience-based learning opportunity, completed in a student's senior year, to demonstrate independent learning and self reflection.

If you plan to complete Project Pride during the 2018-19 school year, you must join the Project Pride 2019 class on Google Classroom and use Class Code: ytwnqg0For questions please contact Mr. Wood.

Overview of Requirements

Students must have an approved proposal before they can begin their project. Proposals need to be approved before Summer break during the student's Junior year.

Product must include a 30 hour time commitment and must be a learning stretch. 
  • Volunteer work or community service

  • Job shadow or internship

  • Learning a skill or trade with NO prior experience

Portfolio Elements:   
College and Career Readiness
NH ICT Requirements
Community Service (24 hours)

Process Journal:
A time-stamped journal reflecting on progress and learning achievements throughout the student’s experience. Student should include a minimum of 6 entries, each 150-200 words. Should include photos of progress, where applicable.

The Project Pride paper is a reflective paper to show your overall growth and understanding of your topic.

Senior Showcase
10-15 minute daytime presentation


June 1, 2018 Proposal Due
 June 10, 2018  Proposal Revisions Due
 September 19, 2018Proposal Resubmissions Due 
 October 10, 2018 Reflection Journal Check #1
 October 17, 2018Portfolio Segment 1: College & Career 
 November 7, 2018 Reflection Journal Check #2
December 1, 201824 Hours Community Service
  December 5, 2018 Reflection Journal Check #3
Mid Point Journal Assessment
January 9, 2019Reflection Journal Check #4 
January 16, 2019   Portfolio Segment 2: ICT
February 6, 2019  Reflection Journal Check #5
  March 1, 2019 Product Due
 March 6, 2019 Reflection Journal #6
Final Journal Assessment
 March 27, 2019Paper Due
 April 12, 2019 Final Deadline to Present
April 18, 2019Senior Showcase
 April 19, 2019Daytime Presentations 
 May 2, 2019*Re-Present to Faculty 
*This only applies to students who do not meet competency on the first attempt.
Project Pride is an independent project graduation requirement. Most seniors have time built into their school schedule to complete the proposal, paper and portfolio work and to practice for their presentations during senior release.  Senior release will be revoked for students who do not meet deadlines.  Academic support after school may also be assigned if necessary.