Senior Project 2017

If you plan to complete your Senior Project during the 2016-17 school year, you must join the Senior Project 2017 class on Google Classroom and use Class Code: 9y3esi0For questions please contact Mrs. Rogers.

Overview of Requirements

Students must have an approved proposal before they can begin their project. There will be two submission periods.  Students wishing to get started during the summer can submit proposals before the end of school to be approved. Otherwise, students will need to submit for approval in the fall.

Students must write a 1000-2000 word research or persuasive paper.

Product must include a 30 hour time commitment and must be a learning stretch. Don't forget that documentation along the journey (in the form of reflections, a blog, pictures, video, etc.) are required.

Evening presentation (Senior Showcase)
10-15 minute daytime presentation

Portfolio Elements:   
College and Career Readiness
ICT Requirement
Civic and Social Expectations

2017 Deadlines

May 4 - June 10, 2016 Spring Proposal Submission Window
 September 21, 2016  Proposals Due
 October 7, 2016*Proposal Re-Write Due 
 October 26, 2016Portfolio Segment 1: College & Career 
December 7, 2016Paper Due
 December 19, 2016 *Paper Re-Write Due
 January 25, 2017Portfolio Segment 2: ICT
February 22, 2017 Portfolio Segment 3: Social & Civic 
April 20, 2017Senior Showcase (5:30-8:30pm)
 April 21, 2017Daytime Presentations 
 May 4, 2017*Re-Present to Faculty 
*This only applies to students who do not meet competency on the first attempt.
Senior Project is an independent project graduation requirement. Most seniors have time built into their school schedule to complete the proposal, paper and portfolio work and to practice for their presentations during senior release.  Senior release will be revoked for students who do not meet deadlines.  Academic support after school may also be assigned if necessary.