Without a doubt one of the biggest impacts that technology has had on education is the growth of the internet and computing technology. The abundance of information and learning tools available online has changed the way we learn. As mobile devices have become cheaper and more robust, their use inside and outside the classroom has become part of many schools' drive to improve student learning outcomes across all areas of the curriculum.

At Mount Pleasant School, we encourage students in Years 5-8 to bring their own devices if they and their parents agree to this.

What this looks like in action? The following is a broad-brush outline of what we are aiming towards:

  • A learning environment where "anytime, anywhere, technology-enabled" learning can occur - access to one computing device per student

  • Starting at Year 5 to Year 8 (easily expanded to other levels)

  • Diverse range of devices accessing the web and Google Apps - BYOD supports the idea of personalisation of learning

  • Pupils invited to bring along their own personal device to use in class - ideally this is a device they can use for their own learning both at school and in their own time

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