Our next Communicating Meeting evening takes place Tuesday, September 10th - for those who were unable to make an appointment to meet with Mrs. Hagen in August.  Here is the link to the sign-up.

Be Kind, Be Curious, Try Things, Wear a Helmet

These are guiding principles for students in our classroom throughout the school year:
    Be Kind:            You are spending about half of your wakeful hours with your classmates.  Kindness from you will grow kindness for you.  It will make our classroom and school a great place to hang out together!
    Be Curious:        You are capable of learning SO MUCH!  Learning is dependent on asking questions, wondering, pondering.  Do these things and you will learn, so much more than I can teach you.
    Try Things:         Stick your neck out, take risks, great learning takes a willingness to make mistakes and to figure out how things work.  
    Wear a Helmet:   Be safe, make good choices, a helmet comes in handy at times, so does physical activity, healthy food, adequate sleep, and hugs.

Contact Information 

    If you specific questions, preferred communication is through e-mail at:
During instructional time, I do not answer the phone.   
    Call to leave me a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible:

    651-621-7794 (be aware that the phone will ring in the classroom, which can be a distraction during classroom activities.)

If you have an emergency that I need to be contacted about immediately, call the office and have them call me over the classroom intercom to let me know I need to answer my phone.

Class Schedule

Class Schedule 

   8:00 - 9:00        Meetings, Planning/Preparation

   9:05                  Students begin to enter the school building

   9:25 - 9:40        Morning Announcements and Class Meeting

   9:40 - 10:30      Writing 

   10:35 - 11:30     Specialist       

   11:35 - 12:30    Reading                                                                                                                         

   12:35 - 1:25      Lunch 

   1:35 - 2:40        Math (meets in room for assigned math teacher)

  2:40 - 3:10         Reading

  3:15 - 3:45         Unit Studies (Wednesday is library day! 3:00 - 3:30)

   3:55 - 4:05        Student Dismissal

*Remember to bring a healthy snack each day! 
See the approved list sent home in 
Communication Folders at Meet Your Teacher.       

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