Crowder Laboratory

Our research works on two major projects: (1) metallo-b-lactamases (MBLs) and (2) analysis of beer and distilled spirits.  

MBLs - We are currently working on several MBLs in an effort to design clinical inhibitors of these enzymes. With Walt Fast (UT-Austin), Seth Cohen (UCSD), and Robert Bonomo (Case Western), the Crowder, Tierney, and Page labs work on a NIH-funded project on which we are examining libraries of zinc binding groups, which will serve as the scaffold for new MBL inhibitors. We have also started examining clinical variants of NDM, VIM, and recently IMP to better understand why these enzymes are mutating in the clinic.

Analysis of beer and distilled spirits - We have started a new project in which we are using GC-MS/MS, LC-MS, NMR, and FT-ICR MS to characterize alcoholic beverages in an effort to determine the components in these beverages. The goal is to develop a library of chemical fingerprints of these beverages to be used to authenticate valuable products and to better understand the differences between the brands of these beverages.