Mount Abraham Unified School District Safety

The Mount Abraham Unified School District is committed to making our schools as safe as possible for our students, faculty, and staff.  We have created this site as a way to communicate information and updates as we continue to look at and address our policies and procedures.  Please check back for updates as we continue this important work.

Parent Information Meeting For Run-Hide-Fight

Recorded Presentation 

Passcode is AuN#.Kw6

To report suspicious activities, a new tip hotline has been established in Vermont by the Vermont School Safety can be utilized for internet based reporting.  There are also ways to report over the phone or through text.  In all reporting methods a person can remain anonymous if they wish. Phone calls and web tips are forwarded to the Vermont Intelligence Center, which is the state’s Fusion Center.

Run-Hide-Fight is an option based active shooter protocol.  Supported by the Department of Homeland Security and the State of Vermont.  For more information about the protocol follow this link

 The state of Vermont has created the school Safety Center.  There is a lot of great information for parents about what the state of Vermont is doing to increase school safety.

We have compiled some links and resources to help learn more about school safety.

stb-poster (1).pdf


The Stop the Bleed campaign is an approved program by the American College of Surgeons that stresses the importance of bleed control.  The MAUSD district will be giving this training to a district faculty and staff over the year.  This will be one more tool that can help in a crisis.  For a brief overview of the program watch this clip from the Red Cross.