Alexis Litzky

Welcome to my teaching website!

I am a full time instructor in the Communication Studies department at City College of San Francisco. This includes coaching our nationally recognized competitive speech and debate team, teaching argumentation and public speaking, and sharing my love for rhetorical analysis with Communication Studies students.

Students in my classes learn how to analyze and improve their own language practices in a variety of ways, with a focus on developing increased understandings of identity and community. These classes will also hopefully teach students something about their rights and responsibilities as a citizen, and how to participate in public and private conversations in productive and meaningful ways.

Consult the full course calendar to sign up for a course at CCSF that meets your needs.

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Contact information

My preferred method of contact is email, and will usually respond within 48 hours during the work week.

Email: Phone: 415-452-5016 Office: Cloud 408C