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Mr. Klinck is in his eighth year of teaching at Lenape Valley. He earned his BA in History and Secondary education from York College of Pennsylvania. In addition to his teaching responsibilities, Mr. Klinck is an assistant coach for the baseball team at Lenape Valley High School. He is also a Lenape Valley Alumnus. Forever a Patriot!

Mr. Klinck believes that effective learning is the result of a collaboration of the teacher, students, and parents based on mutual respect and trust.

Current Schedule:

Pd. 1 US History IIPd .4 US History IIPd. 5 Global IssuesPd. 7 Global IssuesPd. 8 AP Human Geography

History Dept. Grading Scale:

Tests/Projects/Major Assignments 50%Quizzes/Minor Assignments 35%HW/Class Work 15%


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