School Counseling


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Office Hours: 7:35am - 3:30pm


Angela Martin
21-22 - Last Name A-F22-23 - 8th Grade
Jennifer Montgomery
21-22 - Last Name G-O22-23 - 6th Grade
Natalie Holder
21-22 - Last Name P-Z22-23 - 7th Grade

Educational TherapistJillian


The Counselor’s Goal

The counselors of PLMS want each student to have a successful school experience. While school work is the primary focus, students also need to be able to relate well with peers and adults. Counselors make themselves available to students on both an individual and group basis. We also work with teachers, parents, and outside agencies for the good of the students.

Making Appointments

  • PLMS counselors are available on a regular basis from 8:00 a.m. to 3:15 p.m.

  • Students should make appointments before school, during lunch break, or after school

  • Students may also use the four minute passing period to make appointments, but this could cause the student to be tardy and such a tardy would be unexcused

  • Students should choose a class in which they can make up missed work to schedule appointments

  • Each teacher has the final decision to excuse the student

The following services are provided by PLMS Counseling Department:

Individual Counseling

  • Appointments may be made by the student and/or counselor to discuss anything of importance to the student

  • School related problems with class work, how to study or set up work study schedules

  • Getting along with other students, teachers, parents, and brothers or sisters

  • Schedule planning for the next year of school

Group Counseling

  • The counselors provide students the opportunity to join in groups of six to eight students to discuss a variety of topics

Classroom Curriculum

  • 7th Grade: Decision Making, Conflict Resolution, Goal Setting, and Careers

  • 8th Grade: Careers and High School Planning

Testing Programs (Group standardized tests administered in middle school):

  • 7th and 8th Grade: Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) is given in the spring

Enrollment Information

  • All routine information concerning seventh, eighth and ninth grade class offerings

  • Both the student and parents are encouraged to make individual appointments to discuss future school plans and schedules


  • Records kept by the Counseling Office are: the honor rolls, ineligibility lists, permanent record cumulative files (including transcripts, test scores and student data.)

  • Students and parents may make individual appointments to view these records and receive an explanation of their content


  • Referrals are made to outside agencies when specialized help is required

Other Services

  • As funds are made available through community grants, prevention services will be provided

  • These services may include substance abuse counseling, counseling for students with poor attendance and student assistance programs