School Counseling 

     Mrs. Sarah      Huitt


Mrs. Angela Martin

6th Grade Counselor

Mrs. Jennifer Montgomery

7th Grade Counselor

Ms. Natalie  Holder

8th Grade Counselor

Mrs. Jillian Salanski

Mental Health Therapist

Counseling Office Phone Number - (816) 986-1178


 The Counselor’s Goal

The counselors of PLMS want each student to have a successful school experience. While school work is the primary focus, students also need to be able to relate well with peers and adults.  Counselors make themselves available to students on both an individual and group basis. We also work with teachers, parents, and outside agencies for the good of the students.

 Making Appointments

 The following services are provided by PLMS Counseling Department:

 Individual Counseling

 Group Counseling

 Classroom Curriculum

 Testing Programs (Group standardized tests administered in middle school):

Enrollment Information



 Other Services