General Course Policy

For full course policy, see your course syllabus.

While it's necessary to be clear and succinct when writing policy, book an appointment immediately should you experience any issues that prevent or inhibit your successful completion of assignments and, indeed, the course.

The following are general policies. Be sure to review your course syllabus for complete course policies and procedures.

Class Meetings

Be sure to read the full Technology Policy.

  • You are expected to attend all scheduled online meetings.

  • You must have the required software and hardware installed on your computer and insure that it is in working order well before any meeting.

    • Webcams and microphones are required.

    • It is not appropriate to test equipment during class time.

  • Be sure that you're in a quiet place. Audio/Video disturbances will not be tolerated. Continued issues of this kind will result in your dismissal from the course.

  • All students enter the meetings "muted" and with their webcams "on." If you'd like to speak, you must use the "raise hand" function in the Zoom application.

  • The Zoom meeting room is "locked" approximately ten minutes after the start of class.

  • Those who "arrive" late, even before the ten-minute “lockout,” may miss in-class assignments, for which there is generally no allowed makeups.


  • Course Assignments. Extensions are rarely granted for course assignments. However, if you believe your situation to be extraordinary, please do not hesitate to see Professor Rosenberg. See below for some general exceptions.

  • Course Exams. Extensions are never granted for course exams.


  • Missing one day of a typical college class is like missing about one week of a high school course. Therefore, the importance of consistent attendance cannot be overstated.

  • But, of course, this is not high school. So, as a general rule, attendance is not kept - whether or not you attend all, some, or none of the class meetings is entirely up to you. That said, there may be assignments, or it may be policy for your particular course, where your attendance is required, so be sure to consult your syllabus for this information.

  • Ordinarily, there are no "make-ups." If, for any reason, including technology issues, you missed a class meeting during which an assignment was given, you will receive a 0-grade for the missed assignment. However, please do book an appointment if you miss a class for which a grade was issued.

Exceptions to the Rules

We accommodate those issues that arise in students' lives to the extent that such accommodations are fair and reasonable.

  • Illness. Doctor's notes must be submitted as soon as reasonably possible via the contact form. Only scanned notes on doctor's or hospital's letterhead is acceptable. Understand that all notes are verified. If the note is unable to be verified to Professor Rosenberg's satisfaction, the note is deemed invalid. We make one telephonic attempt at validation during normal business hours and will remain on hold for a maximum of ten minutes. We do not accept doctor/hospital call-backs.

  • Armed Forces and First-Responders. If you are a member of the armed services or are employed as a "first responder," please be sure to see Professor Rosenberg at the beginning of the semester. Verification process is the same as it is for "Illness," above.

  • Foreseeable Issues. Religious responsibilities, court appearances, and Jury Duty are some of the issues that generally do not automatically exempt students from their responsibilities (assignments, attendance, etc.) because arrangements should be made with the professor (or TA) well in advance.