2022-2023 OFFICERS

President: Eric Hedberg

President-Elect: Nicole Curcio

Past President: Adara Ney

Treasurer: Scott Quarmby

Secretary: Adara Ney

VP of Academics: Chari Kelly

VP of Athletics: Nicole Curcio

VP of Outreach: Aimee Wasserman

VP of Communications/Webmaster: Katie Fields

Young Alumni Coordinator: Paul Williams

Volunteer Coordinator: Kellsey Bruner

At-large Directors:

Maren Nelson

Ryan Vo

Dominique McLeggan-Brown

Zach Stephan


The Lone Star Gator Club® is successful because of the amazing local Gators who give a little time to make it great! We would love to have people join who are interested in bringing new ideas, energy and dedication to our club.

Our annual officer term is 12 months, July 1 through June 30. All club officers must be members of UFAA. If you are interested in joining the board, submit an Officer Application Form by June 15.

Lone Star Gator Club® officers serve a term of 1 year beginning the July 1st that follows their election. All club officers must be UFAA members. Below are the officer positions for our Gator Club.

President coordinates club officers, presides at Club meetings, appoints chairs & committee members, and signs any reports or addresses other needs of the UF Alumni Association. The President works with the other club officers to decide on and execute events and other activities the club wants to do.The President also encourages all club officers to attend the annual Alumni Volunteer Leadership Weekend.

President-Elect becomes the President once the current President’s term finishes or they are for some reason absent or disabled. The role also assists the acting President and learning their duties.

Treasurer has custody of all of the funds of the Club, keeps a full and accurate account of the receipts and expenditures, and makes disbursements as authorized. The Treasurer also provides financial statements and reports as needed by the club officers and files the annual financial reports as required by the Alumni Association.

Secretary records the minutes of all meetings of the club, coordinates activities that require the use of the club’s official membership list, and performs such other duties as may be delegated.

Vice President for Academics carries out the club’s directions and policies to support UF’s academic programs. For the Lone Star Gator Club, this position primarily involves administering the club's scholarship program (e.g. offering our scholarships to central Texas students planning to attend UF and leading a committee to select the recipients).

Vice President for Athletics carries out the club’s directions and policies to support UF’s athletic programs. For the Lone Star Gator Club, this position includes maintaining the relationship with the venue(s) used by the club for game watching parties. It can also include promoting club participation in local sports leagues and opportunities to support UF Gator teams who visit our area.

Vice President for Outreach promotes UF by arranging local speaking engagements for University of Florida faculty and administrators in the local community if they will be visiting our area. For our club, this position typically only involves coordinating the annual May International Gator Day event to help a local charity or cause.

Vice President of Communications is responsible for directing communications which includes web design (Google Sites), graphic design (Canva), producing social media content, maintaining a regular posting calendar, and managing accounts (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter). They also collaborate closely with club officers to maintain a regular email communication (MailChimp) and manage list of email subscribers (UFAA).

Young Alumni Coordinator coordinates programs targeted to alumni who are 35 years of age or younger. He/she also promotes UFAA membership to recent graduates and encourages their participation within the Club.

Volunteer Coordinator helps to attract and coordinate club members to assist with club events and activities such as game watch parties and International Gator Day.

At-Large Director is typically a past club officer of this Gator Club, another Gator Club, or a similar organization. Directors assist as needed and help provide direction for club activities. At times they also lead committees as requested by the President.