United States

U. S. Constitution

Charters of Freedom: The Constitution of the United States

View copies of the original Constitution and learn about its history.

Congress for Kids

Learn about the history of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and Amendments to the Constitution.

National Constitution Center

Visit the museum that houses the Constitution.

Preamble of the United States Constitution

Learn the meaning of each part of the Preamble.

School House Rock Preamble

Listen to the Preamble Song at School House Rock.

United States Freedom Links

Link to Constitution sites at Region XIII Education Service Center.


50 State Quarter Program

Learn about the state quarters that are being distributed from 1999-2008 by the U. S. Mint.

Benjamin Franklin's Guide to the US Government for Kids

Click the kite for the appropriate grade level. Ben Franklin gives a complete tour of the United States government.

Branches of Government

Legislative, Judicial, and Executive branch information is all here at this site with pictures explaining the process.

Learning About the Senate

Learn more about the institutional history of the Senate, its powers and procedures, and the evolution of important leadership and staff positions.

PBS Kids Democracy Project

Learn how the government affects your everyday life.

Presidential Election

The United States Mint for Kids

Learn about the coins of the United States, how the mint process works, and play coin games like Making Change. For teachers, there are lesson plans with activity sheets to download.

The White House

Visit the official web site for the Whitehouse. You will learn about the President, news and policies, and the history of the this famous landmark.

The White House Tour

Take a tour of the White House, learn the White House ABCs and parent and teachers can view information just for them.

U.S. Census Bureau

State and County Demographic and Economic Profiles

United States Symbols

Know what the liberty bell represents or the bald eagle? Well, this site has pictures and explains the symbolism on a level that all of us can understand.

State Facts

LISD United States Facts Links

United States Presidents

The American Presidency

This site contains profiles of each president.

American Presidents: Life Portraits

Learn biographical facts about each president of the United States.

From Revolution to Reconstruction: Presidents

This index contains presidential biographies, speeches and writings of each president.

Portraits of the Presidents

View a portrait of the presidents and a short summary of his accomplishments.

Presidents Quizzes

Learn facts about each president as you play this on line game.

National Treasures

Mount Rushmore Gets a Facial

Read the article from Time for Kids about the face lift for the presidents.

Mount Rushmore National Monument

Test your know of the four presidents on Mount Rushmore.

National Park Service

Explore the national parks of the United States.

U. S. Exploration

Exploration of North America

Find out more about the history of Exploration of North America, which laid the foundation for the United States of America.

Go West Across America with Lewis & Clark

Take a trip with Lewis and Clark as they make their journey to the western frontier. This interactive site lets you decide which way to go on the trip.

Maps of U.S. Exploration

These maps show the way the U.S. was settled and the people who explored it.

Western Expansion

LISD Western Expansion Links