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State information resource links to state homepage, symbols, flags, maps, constitutions, representatives, songs, birds, flowers, trees, etc.

Coloring Book Page of State Flags

Stately Knowledge

Stately Knowledge: Facts About the United States of America.

US States

Enchanted Learning provides information about state facts, maps, and symbols. This is also a great site to take state quizzes.

State Symbols USA

Official symbols represent the cultural heritage and natural treasures of each state or the entire United States.

US Census Bureau: State Facts for Students

Click your favorite state to learn population history, state symbols, geography and business of the state.

The Fifty States

The Fifty States provides maps and flags, state trivia, national landmarks, quizzes and Americana.

State Birds

Take a look at the birds for each state.

State Climate

Click on your state on the map, then click on a city to find the average high and low temperature for that area within the state.

State Web Games

Learn facts about all the states while playing these fun games online.


Alabama Maps

View state, city, and historical maps.

The Birthplace of Helen Keller

Meet the remarkable women who overcame blindness and deafness.

U.S. Space and Rocket Center

View one of the largest space and rocket museums in the United States.

The University of Alabama Museums

The university hosts the Alabama Museum of Natural History, Gorgas House, Moundville Archeological Park, and several other sites.


Alaska Online

Visit Alaska's national forests, museums, shopping areas and much more at this site.

Alaska Student Guide

Collect information about the state symbols of Alaska.

Time for Kids: Alaska

Alaska, the coldest, biggest and wildest state in the U.S. Alaska is home to bald eagles, grizzly and black bears, moose, wolves and much more.


Arizona Maps

View state, city, and historic maps.

Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

Take a look at this natural history museum to learn about the desert environment.

Land Use History of the Colorado Plateau

Learn about the Colorado Plateau's the encompasses part of Arizona.

Fort Apache Historic Park

Visit this historic park in Arizona to see how the soldiers assisted the Apaches in protecting their homes.


California State Symbols and Emblems

The San Andreas Fault

Learn about the earthquakes of California.


The Everglades Ecosystem

The Everglades has a unique ecosystem. Learn about its inhabitants, geology and animals.

Florida Indians

The tribes of Florida date back many years. Click here to learn about them and look at a map of their settlements.

The History of St. Augustine

St. Augustine is the oldest permanent settlements in the United States. Click on this site to learn about its history.


Friends of Moku`ula

Learn about this sacred sanctuary of Hawaii.

Hawaiian Shield Volcanoes

Shield volcanoes are a part of the Hawaiian landscape. This site will show you where they are located.

Under the Hawaiian Sky

This report tells all about the geography and animals of Hawaii.


Chicago: City of the Century

PBS discovers the history of immigration, Chicago's history and events.

Lincoln Home National Historic Site

Visit Abe Lincoln's home and view the timeline of Lincoln's life.

Prairies in the Prairies State

This site is about the prairies of Illinois and the preservation the landscape.


Louisiana Maps

View state, city and historic maps.

Louisiana Purchase

The United States purchased Louisiana in 1803. Learn about this historic event at this site.

Louisiana State Museum

View photographs of Louisiana's people, buildings, culture, and much more.

North Carolina

North Carolina Encyclopedia

This site gives an overview of the communities, people, history, and geography of North Carolina.

North Carolina Maps

View state, city and historical maps.


National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum

Experience the West. Learn about the life and culture of cowboys.

Oklahoma Maps

View state, city, and historical maps.

Ozark Plateau National Wildlife Refuge

This site describes how endangered bats and their habitat are being protected.


Crater Lake National Park

The USGS describes how this lake was formed from a volcano.

The Oregon Story

Read the story of the small towns, land trusts, and water of Oregon.


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