Western Expansion

About the Gold Rush

Why do we call them 49ers anyway--find out here. Information on collision of cultures, the impact of "the rush" and more.

Go West Across America with Lewis & Clark

Take a trip with Lewis and Clark as they make their journey to the western frontier. This interactive site lets you decide which way to go on the trip.

Gold Country

The California Gold Rush comes alive with true stories about the people who lived it.

Gold Rush History

Lots of links to click on at this site to learn about the Gold Rush. Information on famous people or "players", The Donner Party, a brief history of California's gold and more.

The Lure and Legacy of the Gold Rush

Walk in the footsteps of the 49ers to see what the gold rush looked like, see pictures depicting this time, and more. The link called "Gold Rush" has a narrator that reads about this time to you.

The Overland Trail: Stations, Stops, and Landmarks

The stage stations on the Overland Trail from East to West are listed.

Trails to the Gold Rush

Thousands of emigrants rushed across the United States to find their fortunes during the California Gold Rush.

Westward Expansion

Explore the timeline of Westward expansion.