OUR VISION (the why):  Empowering Lifelong Learners

What does this mean at Lepperton School?

To develop the future skills (6Cs) and attitudes which allow learners to act positively on their own authority, with mana.

To engage learners in the ongoing and intrinsic pursuit of learning, as they progress throughout their life.  

To equip students with resilience which will enable them to succeed in an uncertain future.

OUR MISSION (the how):

Build a collaborative school community through positive relationships; ‘learning to learn’ together

What does this mean at Lepperton School?

Our community values positive relationships as the foundation of all learning. Utilising each other in positive ways throughout the learning process (tuakana-teina), both as learners ourselves and as teachers (ako).

Developing self-regulated learners who know their goals, their next learning steps and can reflect on the learning process.  Knowing ourselves as learners, how we learn best and seeking challenge to ensure we are the best we can be.