Frequently Asked Questions

What Choir Classes are offered at RHS?

  • Beginning Treble Choir
  • Beginning Tenor/Bass Choir
  • Intermediate Mixed Choir
  • Varsity Treble Choir (grades 10-12) *admission by audition only
  • Intonation Show Choir *admission by audition only
  • Varsity Mixed Choir (grades 11-12) *admission by audition only.

Click on the link to the choir handbook for more information.

Will choir activities interfere with athletics, band, cheer or dance?

Raider Choir students are strongly encouraged to participate in other campus organizations. With the exception of three concerts; before and after school choir events are optional. Choir is a no-homework class. This can be extremely beneficial to athletes and students with a heavy academic load.

What kinds of music will the Raider Choir perform?

The Raider Choir students will have the opportunity to sing a wide variety of music styles, including but not limited to; classical music, pop, rock, and Broadway.

Can I earn a letter-jacket in choir?

Each year students earn points in choir toward a letter jacket. Points are earned through good choir grades, rehearsal/concert attendance, U.I.L. participation, and other optional choir related activities.

What competitions will the Raider Choir participate in?

Students will have the opportunity to participate in U.I.L. contests (Solo and Ensemble and Concert and Sight-reading), as well as All-State Choir auditions.

Can I change my schedule if I didn’t sign up for choir?

You can change your schedule at the beginning of a new grading period. Email Mrs. Justice at: and she can help you make a change.

How can parents support the choir program?

Parents are encouraged to sign up to be a volunteer through the Leander I.S.D. website. The Raider Choir Boosters plan activities for the choir students and provide scholarships for choir students to participate in trips and contests. The choir boosters encourage all parents to get involved and support their children’s interests at school.