Work-Based Learning (WBL) gives students the opportunity to learn a variety of skills by expanding the walls of classroom learning to include the community. By narrowing the gap between theory and practice, Work-Based Learning creates meaning for students. 

WBL provides opportunities for students to learn a variety of skills through rigorous academic preparation with hands-on career development experiences. Under the guidance of job coaches, students learn to work in teams, solve problems, and meet employers' expectations.


Vocational Adjustment Class (VAC) or Viper Adulting Course is designed to provide support systems for students who are eligible for services in the area of vocational development in order to promote independent, self-sufficient, successful contributing members of our community upon graduation.


Supported Employment provides on the job training opportunities that are directly related to a career goal and course of study identified through Microcomputer Evaluation of Careers and Academics (MECA). This Work-Based Learning experience is designed to bridge the gap between school and work. Appropriate supervision by a school/district coordinator must be maintained.

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