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Our growing middle school STEM offerings within LISD allow us to offer many choices to our students. The courses offered are briefly described below and for more detail use the drop down menu above to visit the course specific site.

Exploring STEM - 6th

This is our new 6th grade STEM offering for students interested in learning what the STEM program offers throughout middle school and high school. This year long course is divided into ten mini units that provide an introduction to what they could learn in more advanced classes.

Gateway to Technology - 7th and 8th

Project Lead the Way (PLTW) is a pre-engineering program that has courses available from elementary school through high school. Gateway to Technology (GTT) is the middle school component of the program which is an introduction to engineering course that exposes students to the fundamental principals of engineering design, mechanisms, robotics, design, architecture, medical, and computer science.

The Gateway course is available in three different pairings;

-Computer Science for Innovators and Makers, Automation and Robotics

-Design and Modeling, Green Architecture

-Medical Detectives, Science of Technology