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Yearbook class

Design, Multimedia and Web Technologies Syllabus 

(Yearbook 2018)

  Louisa County High School's Reflector

Mrs. Stacy H. Wildman, Adviser Room 261 (Pub. Lab.)

Course Description :  

Yearbook provides students with opportunities to learn and participate in the design, layout, and overall production of the LCHS yearbook, Reflector.  Students develop and use yearbook interviewing and copywriting skills, apply knowledge of photography and digital imaging, and learn marketing skills.  Students will also learn scholastic journalism standards, utilize them on the yearbook, and demonstrate professionalism by meeting deadlines and following ethical and legal guidelines for journalists.

Advanced yearbook students will assume editorial leadership roles and responsibilities.  These students will control theme development and content of the yearbook.  They will have the opportunity to work as senior editors and may apply for the position of business manager or editor-in-chief.  These students will determine coverage assignments for other staff members, and help ensure the staff applies scholastic journalism standards, meet deadlines, and follow legal and ethical guidelines.  In addition, they will help instruct new staff members on yearbook organization, policies, and procedures, including software and equipment use, and for keeping the staff handbook up-to-date and accurate.  They may also attend workshops and conferences to improve their skills, and in turn, improve the quality of the Reflector.  The business manager keeps track of all yearbook orders and advertising sales. 


A. Successful completion of Journalism with a final grade of "A" or "B" and adviser approval of admittance into this course.

B.  No loss of computer privileges due to inappropriate use of the computer.

C.  No serious attendance or discipline records. 

D.  A positive, motivated attitude and the ability to work in a team-oriented atmosphere. 

Staff Selection & Dismissal Policy

A high standard of professionalism and maturity is expected from students in the publications classroom. Staff will be selected after completing an application, obtaining teacher recommendations,  and sometimes a formal interview. Applicants must be earning at least a ‘B’ in all core classes in order to be eligible as a staff member. Students not fulfilling their duties as members of the team will be subject to undergoing the discipline referral system. 

Removal from any appointed position on the publication staff may result in a failing grade, removal from class or alternative assignments that may not be included in the publication. 

Expectations and goals :  

The Reflector is run like a business within the classroom.  Deadlines are CRUCIAL to the success of our publication and cannot be missed.  If missed, additional charges will be incurred, requiring additional fundraising and this is unacceptable.  Please be aware that working on this publication will require time (often before and after school hours), dedication, and rewarding work.  All staff members must be able to work independently and responsibly.  Daily attendance is necessary.  The course is quite demanding, but thoroughly rewarding. 

It is important to remember that we provide a service to the Louisa County High School community.  Our number one goal is to accurately archive the events of the year for ALL students (more than 1400 of them).  I challenge you to name a course with as much impact on the entire student body, faculty, and staff!  

Assessment :

All students will be graded based on participation and the quality of work produced.  It is imperative that each student carry his or her own weight.  Yearbook students are responsible for covering school events, clubs, academics, and other student activities.  Because many of these events take place outside school hours, students are expected to spend outside time on Yearbook work.  Please note that failing to meet deadlines will have a severe negative impact on grades and can result in removal from this fun and engaging course.  Students must turn in a list of goals at the beginning of each week and turn in a log sheet at the end of the week to accurately account for their class time and outside activities. There will be quizzes and tests and Press Pass checks.  All staff members are also required to sell four or more business advertisements and two or more sponsorships.

There will also be an end-of-semester assessment in the form of a professional portfolio.

Academic Graduation Cords :

Academic achievement cords are presented at the annual senior awards ceremony. Students may earn a cord two ways: 1.) Complete a minimum of three semesters on staff with a cumulative A average; 2.) Complete a minimum of two semesters with an A average in an editorial role. 

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