I’m an associate professor of inorganic chemistry at Lewis & Clark college. My research focuses on controlling nanoparticle surface chemistry and electrodepositing metal oxide / nanoparticle composite materials for use in energy applications. 

I teach general chemistry, inorganic chemistry lecture and lab, environmental chemistry, and nanomaterials chemistry.

May 2017 Jack Bergamini (’18), Zach Schonrock (’18), and Selina Ibarra (’19) come on board for a summer of Rogers research.  Welcome!  The lab also relocates upstairs to work in a teaching lab for the summer while our research space is renovated. (See photos.)

May 2017  Ben and Erin graduate with honors in chemistry – congratulations to both! 

April 2017  The group heads to San Francisco for the spring ACS meeting (see photos).

March 2017  Riley Coulthard ‘15 (formerly Keira Roberts) wins an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship to support her PhD work in environmental engineering at Yale University.  Congrats!  

July 2016  Riley Zickel (’17) took off on a solo backpacking trip in late July and has not been found. Riley was remembered at a sunny outdoor gathering on campus in September which drew a large number of his friends, faculty, and staff to listen to tunes from his jazz combo, snack on food from his favorite Cuban restaurant, and share memories. 

May 2016   Chemistry major Riley Zickel ('17) joins returning students Ben Hohman ('17) and Erin Carlson ('17) for the Rogers summer research program. Cody takes a position in physics.

April 2016 Group alumnus James Miyasaki ('13) is awarded an honorable mention in the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship competition.

March 2016 A record-setting number of LC students (9, including Ben and Erin) travel to San Diego to present posters at the ACS national meeting.

September 2015 Cody Winkleblack ('19) joins the research group to study Au and Ag NP interactions. Welcome, Cody!

May 2015 Keira graduates from LC (congrats!) and Erin Carlson ('17) and Ben Hohman ('17) join the group.

August 2014

Dr. Bentley moves east to spend a sabbatical year in Sang Bok Lee's group at the University of Maryland, College Park. 

May 2014

Congratulations to Lucky on his graduation from LC.

March 2014

Keira is one of three LC students to win a Goldwater scholarship, the most prestigious undergraduate science honor.  

November 2013

Keira and Lucky present posters at the Murdock Undergraduate Science Conference.

October 2013

Keira presents a poster at the Pauling Award Symposium at the University of Portland.  (The award was given to Chad Mirkin.)

May 2013

Stephen successfully defends his chemistry honors thesis. Congratulations to both Stephen and James as they graduate from LC. Luciano Santino (’14) and Keira Roberts (’15) join the group.

April 2013

Dr. Bentley, James, and Stephen travel to the spring ACS meeting in New Orleans, where each student presents a poster.  

Summer 2012

James Miyasaki (’13) joins the group and Stephen returns from New Zealand.  The supergroup meets at PSU in mid-July.

January and February 2012

Safe travels and buen viaje to Stephen and Katie, who are studying abroad this semester in New Zealand and Chile, respectively.

November 2011

Dr. Bentley visits the Linfield College chemistry department to give a seminar.  Stephen and Katie give a presentation at the Murdock Undergraduate Science Conference in Seattle.  And, we all gather with the supergroup (Goforth group from PSU and Geselbracht group from Reed) at Reed College.  

June 2011

The group attends the regional ACS meeting held in Portland.

May 2011

Stephen Kubota (’13) and Katie Murphy (’13) join the group.

April 2011

Supergroup meets at Lewis & Clark. 

Robin Osofsky (’11) defends his senior thesis and graduates with honors.

March 2011

Dr. Bentley presents a research seminar at Pacific University.

February 2011

Students in Nanomaterials Chemistry (Chem 415) collaborate with students in 3D Design (Art 103).  For more info, see the photos page.

Supergroup meets at PSU.

June 2010

Dr. Bentley departs to spend a semester of sabbatical leave in Cathy Murphy’s group at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Chris Untiedt (’12) leaves for a year abroad in Germany.  

The new Rigaku Ultima IV powder diffractometer is installed at PSU.

April 2010

Cam Zachreson (’10) defends his thesis project and graduates with honors.

March 2010

Eric Randall presents a poster at the American Chemical Society national meeting in San Francisco.

Supergroup meeting is hosted by the Goforth group at Portland State.

January 2010

Lewis & Clark receives a $250,000 grant from the W. M. Keck Foundation to support nanomaterials curriculum development. 

Robin Osofsky (’11) leaves for a semester abroad in Australia. 

December 2009

Chem 100 students contribute to the environmental studies department’s poster session.  Some of the best student posters are now on display in Olin.

October 2009

The Bentley group hosts a supergroup meeting at Lewis & Clark.  Cam and Robin give presentations about their work.

Dr. Bentley visits the Oregon Graduate Institute to give a research presentation.

September 2009

Cam Zachreson (’10) gives a departmental seminar about his proposed honors project.

Chris Untiedt (’12) joins the group.