(Former) Land Rover Owner



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No longer a Land Rover owner, moved on to Unimogs :-) pages left here for reference, very dated but ...

Why, you might ask, is owning a Land Rover a hobby?

Well, little did i know that when i purchased a '95 Discovery that i'd be entering a subculture of Land Rover Owners who are fanatic in their use and/or worship of Land Rovers :)

There are two active LRO E-Mail lists:

  • Land-Rover.Team.Net, this is an international list of Land Rover Owners. To see a list of LRO related list and digest send a message to Majordomo@Land-Rover.Team.Net with the word "lists" in the body.
  • mendo_recce@off-road.com, this is a USA left-coast list. To subscribe send request to mendo_recce_owner@ridgecrest.ca.us with your request/questions.

My Disco has been places that i would have never thought possible. Land Rover Owners here in the Bay Area of Northern California are a great bunch of people who get together often to talk about war stories, plan upcoming events, look at the latest toys, and to just get together.

Click Here to see some pictures of a toy Disco I got for X-Mass.

Click Here to search the Land-Rover.Team.Net mail archives.

And since buying the Land Rover i've developed a taste for Guinness.