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No longer a Tatra owner, didn't have the time to continue restoring/working on it :-( Pages here for reference ...

My '75 T813 (Tatrasaurus) is a crewcab with cargo bed, troop benches, sides, hops, and new (as of 2000) tarpaulin. Titled and registered in California in 2000 as a historic vehicle, current registered as non operational.

This page is mostly about the Tatra T813 (a.k.a. "Kolos" or "Colossus").

I first became interested in Tatra's when seeing them participate in a tape of the European Truck Challenge, ever since it has been a growing desire and with the acquisition of my Unimog 404 it seemed the next logical step (did he say logical :).

I've focussed on the modern Tatra trucks which for me starts with the T813 which was first prototyped in 1967 with production beginning in 1969 and ending in 1982 with a total production run of almost 12,000 four, six, and eight wheel vehicles, mostly for the former east block army's.

The T813 was followed by the T815 which was first produced in 1982 again as four, six, and eight wheel vehicles at the Tatra J.S.C. in Koprivnice Czech Republic, through 1998 over 134,000 vehicles have been produced and are still in production for sale.

What with the various import and licensing issues in the US and California I've settled on the T813.

I'll be updating these pages as I collect more information. If you have any information, comments, or corrections please E-Mail me.

My '75 T813 8x8 arrived in Jan of 2000, did a level 1 maintenance (change all fluids and adjust). I've had it at a couple of events (MVCC Big Bear meet at Waterford CA and the UAA Invitational European Off-Road Weekend 2000 at Hollister Hills CA).

The truck runs great on-road (110 mi round-trip to Hollister Hills averaged 48 MPH and got ~~ 5 MPG) and is most at home off-road.

The restoration work is ongoing mostly bodywork and mostly in the cab.