Academic Profile

Dr. Jamil A Juma

Lecturer at the koya university

Koya - Kurdistan - Iraq
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Outline Biography
Jamil Juma completed his B.Sc degree in chemistry at Science College, Anbar University in 2000. He then moved to the University of Baghdad where he completed his M.Sc in 2004. After that he started his academic teaching in 2005 when he joined the work at Koya University, he has been started as an assistance lecturer in chemistry department/ University of Koya until 2011. In the end of 2011, he applied in HCDP program and he accepted as a PhD student at the University of Leicester where he is studying the “Encapsulation of Crystalline Abrasive into the Nickel composite Coating “under supervision of Prof Karl Ryder and Prof Andy Abbott. Currently he on leave for his PhD studies at the University of Leicester/UK expected to graduate by October 2015. He is completed his PhD study at university of Leicester in 4 of Jan 2017 .    

Research Interests
jamil's research interest includes the following fields:
1- Nickel electrodeposition.
2- Encapsulation of Crystalline Abrasive into the Nickel composite Coating.3
3- Green Chemistry
4- nanotechnology and nano material
6-Cobalt electrodeposition
7- powder electrodeposition in DES using pulse plating    

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