Research Paper Citation Info

Citing sources is a challenging element during the research paper portion of the Senior Project for many students. Listed below are online resources that can help you do this accurately, and avoid plagiarism.

    • Creating the MLA Entry- Depending on the kind of source you are looking at, different information is needed to create an entry on your Annotated Bibliography. This part of EasyBib is designed to help you determine which kind of source you are accessing, so you can create the entry correctly. If you decide to use a source in your paper, this MLA information is then copy/pasted into your Works Cited.
  • Citing Sources Within the Paper- This is the format you use while writing the paper. Every time you use a source in your paper, it must be cited to give credit to the source.
    • Owl Online Tutor- Use this when you have a specific question. It does require you to create a user name and password; so, don't expect it to be quick the first time. After the first time, however, this is an excellent way to get a 'real' person's feedback late at night or early in the morning when your teachers may not be available.