Need Ideas?

Here are some ideas for potential projects that have recently come up. We will be adding to this list as ideas come up. Please contact Ms. Haines-Swatek ( for contact info.


  • Kalama Bathroom Project- "I propose that Kekaulike Seniors return to Kalama and do bathroom artwork which delivers positive messages to our students. As we know, middle school is a very difficult time for adolescents and we teachers find many students hiding in the bathrooms. I feel that if we created bathroom doors with positive messages, students may feel a boost in self esteem. Allowing Kekaulike seniors to do this art piece is much more meaningful than having professionals come in and paint, because the majority of Kekaulike graduates were once Kalama students, used these bathrooms, and maybe even hid in them at some time." Picture here.


  • Makawao School and Haiku School STEM Nights - organize STEM activities for elementary students and parents.
  • Classes to help elderly people navigate their phones and internet.

Social Change

  • We dine together- start a KKHS club to create a positive social atmosphere on campus. Check out their website and see Ms. Frerking for more info.