Senior Project presentation day is only possible due to tremendous support from our community. Judges come from our school staff, feeder schools, County of Maui staff, and all types of companies from all over Maui. Over 300 judges volunteer each year to help evaluate our students.

All seniors are required to complete a senior project. These projects are mandatory components for their senior classes. Each senior is asked to choose a topic and produce a paper, product, portfolio, and presentation to showcase their academic capabilities. Students have selected a wide variety of topics, some of which include fishing, fashion design, tattooing, renewable energy, surfing, hunting, performing arts, music, video production, cooking and more.

What to expect for judges:

  • Presentations run for 3 hours with 1 hour time slots. Judges can sign up for one or more sessions and are not required to stay for all 3 sessions. Each session will view three 10-15 minute presentations.
  • Each room has a head judge who is a Kekaulike staff member and the rest of the panel is made up of 4-6 additional members.
  • Each judge fills out a rubric evaluating the presentation, however the head judge will make the ultimate decision whether the student passes based on all of the rubrics collected. No judge will be responsible for "failing" a student.
  • Questions from judges are encouraged, however there is a 5 min window for questions for each student so no one judge should dominate the questioning period.
  • Parents of seniors are NOT allowed to be a judge in their child's room.

To sign up to be a judge on March 13, 2020 visit: http://bit.ly/kkhs_seniorproject2020


Presentation rubric

Orientation information


Senior Project Orientation

The Role of a Judge