Woodland Elementary

Woodland Elementary School

2000 Pyle Drive
Kingsford, MI  49802

(fax)  906-779-7701

Breitung Township Schools

                                                            Mission Statement
The mission of Breitung Township
Schools, in cooperation with families and our community, is to provide a quality educational experience to as
sist all students in developing the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to becom
e successful citizens. 

We would like to extend a sincere thank you to those who voted yes for our sinking fund.  This community support will allow us to continue a culture and standard of excellence.


Breitung Township Schools is currently accepting applications for a School Success and Prevention Worker K-12.
Please visit the following link for complete information:


We had a great start to our year, and look forward to creating new memories. Check out the brief video below.

Woodland will be honoring our Veterans with the Wall of Honor; a collage of Veterans that have directly impacted our students and staff. Tomorrow afternoon will be the annual Veteran's Day Program. Thank you Veterans!

Advertise your Business while donating to Woodland Elementary!
~Woodland's Ceiling Tile Fundraiser is Underway~
For a $100 donation, your business logo will be displayed on a ceiling tile at 
Woodland's main entrance. (Family tiles are also welcome!) 
Your donation will go toward purchasing literacy supplies for our students. 
Here are some of the tiles that are already on display:
Contact Julie Watkins at jwatkins@kingsford.org for more information 
or to order your tile today!