Karing's 100 Club

Our Karing 100 Club is a valuable means of fund-raising for the work of our voluntary group in the local community. Not only does Karing gain half of the proceeds, but the other half goes to winning members as prizes. Each month winners are drawn and the winners notified. More details available in the office. Join up - it costs £12 for 12 months membership.

Winners in 2017

January 2017
 £20Mrs Holden  
 £15J Mitchell
 £10W Vinnicombe

 £20 Mrs M Horn
 £15Mrs Whiteway  
 £10Mrs Kitson

 £20John Rhodes  
 £15Mrs Olive Payne  
 £10Mrs B White  

 £20  Mrs J Richards  
 £15Mrs Dorothy Clarke  
 £10J Holmes

 £20Mrs Raby-Woods  
 £15Linda Crookes  
 £10Gill Davies