1. Mixed Choir students are to turn in Practice Logs each Monday at the beginning of class. Logs should be signed by parent after rehearsing no less than four times a week and include any make-up time and Emusictheory use.
Practice Logs can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.
2. All students are to sign in to Tonesavvy.com each week and complete that week's  assignment. User's time and score will be recorded for grading. Remember, the teacher code is 21.

3. Students will be quizzed weekly on both theory and knowledge of concert music.

4. Bell Schedule will be available to view or download from attachments at bottom of this page. Visitors remember: Choir is always 1st Lunch and DOWNSTAIRS 4th Hour. You can also download or view the NPHS Bell Schedule (as well as dress code, graduation requirements and other pertinent info) at North Pole High School Home Page .

5. Be aware of performance responsibilities by visiting the Performance Dates page.

6. School District Calendar is available to view or download below or at www.k12northstar.org/ under Student Information on the sidebar.


 provides the necessary tools for making smart choices and decisions about majoring in music and establishing a viable career in music. 

We hope you’ll share the site with other students, parents, music teachers, and college guidance counselors. Some schools even add it to their music websites.

Highlights include:

1. Applying & Auditioning - Tips for pre-screens and much more.

2. Excellent music schools with quick and easy ways to check them out.

3. Scholarships - The most comprehensive list around for music majors.

5. 1:1 student/family consulting on an as-needed basis.

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