Copier Rentals

Office Equipment Rentals

Did you know you can rent a copier, laser printer or scanner from JR Copier at any time and for as long that you want or need?
JR Copier of Minnesota are experts providers of office equipment rentals, the Twin Cities Metro or nationally, we cover the entire continental USA!
So when you need a copier or laser printer for short term or long term copier rentals we are here to help you!
From desktops to large high speed consoles can be deliver to your location, any location, war rooms, hotels, convention centers, construction trailers and even to the court room! So if you are planning an event or conference that requires a copier or laser printer, do not hesitate to call us (763) 509-0054

Why Use JR Copier For Your Office Equipment Rentals?

JR Copier has been in the copier & laser printer sales, repair service business for over 20 years!

We have been renting equipment in the Twin Cities MN for the small and medium size businesses, and now most large corporations contract us for all their short term rentals, due to the high quality equipment we provide and the fast response time we offer if they are in need of support.

Short Term Copier Rentals