Hello. My name is Charlae Callejas and I am the social and emotional learning specialist and mental health provider at Meiklejohn. I have had the privileged of working at Meiklejohn for the past seven years. Meiklejohn is an amazing school and I am honored to be a part of such a fantastic community.

This year the role of a social and emotional learning specialist is especially important to help our students continue to learn and utilize skills necessary to manage these uncertain times. I look forward to helping our students continue to develop their social and emotional skills through curriculum to include 7 Mindsets and Second Step. Please feel free to contact me through the form below if you feel your student is in need added supports/ resources or have questions. I can also be reached at 303 982-5695 or via email: charlae.callejas@jeffco.k12.co.us

Back to School

This year returning to school will look different than ever before. Whether your student is returning to in-person or remote learning, this can evoke a variety of emotions. Some students might feel excited, nervous, scared, or a mix of these and other emotions. During this time, it is important to help students adjust to our new “normal”. Below are a few tips to help students transition back to school.

  • Acknowledge the range of emotions they may be experiencing. Depending on your child’s developmental age, they may not be able to verbalize all of their feelings. Talk about how going back to school may bring up a range of emotions and normalize them, ”Going back to school can be such an exciting time and it can also feel a little scary too. It’s okay to have both feelings at the same time. I remember when I went back to work, I was excited to see my coworkers but I was a little worried about how things might be different. ”

Tool to cope with strong feelings: