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6/7 Social Studies       

All class resources and announcements are found in the Google Classroom.  Please contact Mrs. Lindsey for the Access Code.

Revisit final product:The primary objectives of this PBL is students will create a multimedia presentation to demonstrate geographic, cultural, historical, and environmental understanding of how cultures have survived over time.   Students will present their final products to an adult panel.  To achieve the primary objective, students will be charged with the mission of selecting a location in the Western Hemisphere that will be a relocation area as a result of a Zombie Apocalypse.   Students will work in collaborative groups to use their knowledge to create a plan to justify this relocation of their culture in order to survive.  

Present the semester long driving question: What needs to occur for a culture to survive?

Driving Question for this portion:  How do geographers show information on maps?  

Learning Goal:

  • I can use geographic tools to make inferences to understand how people interact with the environment.

  • I can use geographic tools to determine why people settle in an area.


8th Grade Social Studies

All class resources and announcements are found in the Google Classroom.  Please contact Mrs. Lindsey for the Access Code.

Final product: The primary objective of this second portion of the mini-PBL work will be to have students tie in their memoir writing unit to their learning around Westward Expansion and The Civil War.  The task will be to select a group of people, women, children, Native Americans, African Americans (slave), African Americans (free).  Students will research this group of people to observe how the changes in America, expansion, reform, compromise, and The Civil War, the interactions among diverse groups of people, events, and ideas to understand the change over time that was experienced by these select groups. . 3-5 pages


Semester long driving question: How has the Constitution impacted people throughout the course of American History?


Driving Question: What factors and events influenced the outcome of the Civil War?


Learning Goal:

·         I can collect evidence from a variety of sources to effectively tell the story of the Civil War from the perspective of various groups

·         I can effectively use and apply non-fiction reading strategies to read and interpret primary and secondary sources.

·         I can distinguish the difference between a stated fact, a personal analysis of those facts, and speculation.