Fifth Grade

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Bradford's Mission Statement

We, the Bradford community, collaborate to provide academic rigor, as well as the social and emotional development needed to inspire individual success in a rapidly changing world.

The 5th Grade Teachers Believe:

  • 5th graders are capable of independence
  • We are preparing kids for the 21st century
  • In challenging every student with high expectations and level of rigor
  • Parent and teacher communication is key to a child's success
In case you missed our Curriculum Night presentation - Curriculum Night PowerPoint
        and document given out - 5th Grade Handout

Below are the parent drivers for Ameritowne on Monday 11/5 for our return back from Bradford:

Click here to check your students homework completion records:

Image result for homeworkHomework is not a letter grade on the report card. Homework gives students the opportunity to practice learned skills .




T = turned in

M = missing

L = Late

In math your child will be getting a % in both the "Recently Graded Assignments" and an overall % for homework in the math section. Mrs. Ferguson has chosen to do this so you can see the amount of "effort" your child is putting into their homework.

Please have your child log-in to Infinite Campus using their 7-digit ID number and their password is the same one they use to get into their Google documents.  Once they are in Infinite Campus on the left side you will see a “menu bar” where you could click on grades. There are two areas you will want to monitor, at the top is a section labeled “Recently Graded Assignments”, if you scroll down you will see your students trimesters and then the only thing you will see is a “grade ” in math (which is their average % from their homework assignments).


Please remember that the grade in the standard labeled “comments” is not an actual grade, but a way to help you monitor if your child's homework assignments. On the report card, homework will be reflected in the “effort” portion of each content area.

Thanks for your continued support!


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