75 Acres of all natural fun.....Beautiful, Peaceful and Tranquil

Site 23 gives you the space you need to share with some friends, yet have the privacy of feeling like your only with your specific group.

Completely enclosed in the woods, no neighbors, you can hear a pin drop....Like it? Site 32 is for you!

Your encoved on three sides and the very front opens up to the lake right on the water.......Come for a picnic or spend a few nights at the lakefront site.

How would you like to wake up to this view? Make a reservation and request to be on the water!

Site 30 is nestled back in the woods with some very private inland trails that can be camped on if chosen. Sleep well at night when as you hear the babbling brook sing your woes away. Great site for a party or group of friends to all camp together, yet have your privacy.

Sleep under the open sky at sites 24-28....Rustic large fire pits setting the mood. Surrounded by woods, but open enough to appreciate the great outdoors.

See anybody next you? Nope! Thats because at Woodland Trails Campsite , we provide you with Spacious private tent and RV spots.

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