Woodland Trails Campground

Camp Rules and Regulations:


- Registration is required at the campground office upon arrival, including overnight guests. Reservation requests can be made by telephone, online or e-mail. (Must be at least 18 years of age to reserve a campsite) Camp only in assigned location. If a different location is desired, please see management.

- Vehicles - Speed limit in the campground is 7 mph. Parking only in designated areas (one vehicle per campsite) Non-licensed motor vehicles are not allowed to be operated on campground property. Addition car parking fee is $10 per day, per additional vehicle for daily use. Weekly- $20 per week, per additional vehicle.

- Check In / Check Out – 12:00 p.m. / 11:00 a.m. If additional time is required, please see management.

- Quiet Time - 11:00 p.m. -- 8:00 a.m.

- Pets - must be on a leash, kept quiet and not be left unattended at any time. Owners are responsible to pick up and properly dispose pet waste. Pets are not allowed in the shower houses, lodge, or out buildings.

- Shower Houses - Please keep these areas clean. The campground is not responsible for personal items. Adults please accompany and supervise young children using the facilities.

- Campfires are allowed but must be kept at a reasonable size inside the fire ring and extinguished before retiring at night or leaving your campsite. No chopping, sawing or collecting down trees for firewood. Firewood can be purchased at the office. Do not move fire rings or picnic tables from your site. No foreign firewood in campground.

- No fireworks are allowed

- No smoking in public areas. Dispose of butts in trash

- Alcohol is to be consumed only on registered campsites only by those 21 or older.

- All drugs and narcotics are strictly prohibited and enforced by campground staff and the VTPD.

- Trash may be brought to our dumpster and recycling area.

- Campsites must be kept clean and tidy at all times. Dispose all garbage in proper receptacles located within the campground. If the site is left unkempt, Deposit will be forfeited.

- Please respect your fellow campers - disorderly conduct will not be tolerated.

- No fireworks, firearms or weapons of any kind are allowed on campground property.

- No permanent ropes, cables, nails or screws are to be hung from trees. If violated, a damage fee will be charged, and you will be immediate evicted with no refund.

- There will be no refunds other than stated in the brochure. Campers with visitors at their site who are not registered will be subject to removal from the campground without refund.

These rules and regulations are made for your protection and the enjoyment of all campers. Any violation of these may result in additional fees and/or eviction without refund.

Legal Disclaimers:

Woodland Trails Campground is not responsible for any injuries, damage and/or loss to person or property incurred by campers or their guests. This property is privately owned. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone and will not be responsible for accidents nor injury to guests or for loss of money or valuables of any kind. All person(s) are required to sign a registration form by which the holder and guests recognize and acknowledge the conditions in camping near a gorge may contain hazards such as fallen trees, uneven ground, and drop-offs indigenous to natural environments. By camping in Woodland Trails Campground, the holder and guests agree to assume all risks and liabilities inherent in this activity, including, but not limited to those flowing from natural and man-made hazards.

Daily and Weekly RV Contract

Terms and Conditions

Release of Liability: By purchasing a reservation(s), you fully understand and agree to the following participant waiver and release of liability and terms and conditions.

I understand that my safety is my responsibility. I understand as well as agree that the loss, theft or destruction of my belongings is my sole responsibility.

I understand that it is my sole responsibility for all of the risk as associated during my participation while camping at Woodland Trails Campground; including but not limited to injury and death, whether through my own actions or those actions from another participant, Campground Staff, pedestrians, automobiles, public transportation, acts of nature or any other external parties.

I understand that I am responsible for my child/children while camping.

I understand that I am responsible for my pet while camping.

I understand and agree that camping will be available rain or shine.

I agree that photos and videos taken of me during my stay may be used in newsletters, social media or marketing materials of any kind.

I will comply with the Rules and Disclaimer document in addition to the following items:


2. SPEED LIMIT IS 7 MPH Drive carefully and watch for children and pets.

3. Office hours are 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. All visitors must register.

4. Pets are allowed. You must clean up after you pet. Additional rules provided for pet owners.

5. GARBAGE – Do not leave outside or at campsite or burn in fire ring. Dispose of in dumpster located to your LEFT as you exit the park.

6. The Camper shall be responsible for ensuring that the site assigned is kept in a sanitary condition and free of litter and other unsightly property.

7. Alterations of the campsite i.e.; cutting of trees or vegetation, moving of fireplaces, electrical lines, or water lines is prohibited. Nothing shall be constructed on the site without prior approval of the owner/operator of the Recreational Campground.

8. Any permanent structure erected on a site will become the property of the campground upon the campers’ departure from the campground, i.e. electrical poles, cemented fire pits, any structure that would deface campground property upon removal, etc.

9. The Camper agrees to carry and maintain in full force and effect adequate property damage and liability insurance on any vehicle or recreational vehicle brought within the Recreational Campground.

10. The Parties specifically agree that the Recreational Campground is intended for TEMPORARY RECREATIONAL OCCUPANCY ONLY. It is NOT A MANUFACTURED HOUSING PARK and it is NOT A RESIDENCE, and Camper shall not make it a residence. This is a camping permit, it is NOT A LEASE, and Camper acknowledges that it creates no rights of tenancy for any campers using this site.



Sites reserved online are subject to change if we are experiencing a high volume of guests.

All changes made to reservations must be made a week prior to the date of the reservation.

Changes to reservations made after that point will be refunded on store credit.


The Woodland Trails Campground Rules and Disclaimers must be followed. Credit Card and Drivers Licenses must be on file.

The following are additional rules for Seasonals:

1. Electricity is metered at the campsite and will be billed on the first of each month and at the end of the camping season. It is payable upon receipt of the monthly bill.

2. Subletting of seasonal campsites is prohibited.

3. RVs will, at all times, comply with state license/registration requirements.

4. RVs must be maintained in a state of ready mobility at all times, and nothing may be added or removed from the RVs which would impede this mobility. Temporary blocking for stability is permitted.

5. All items creating the appearance of a permanent residence including, but not limited to, permanent foundations, roofing, decking, outbuildings, shade shelters, tie-downs, windbreaks, and permanent trailer skirting are prohibited.

6. Only one (1) RV is permitted per seasonal campsite. Guest RVs and vehicles will be required to utilize the campground’s transient sites and overflow parking areas. The placement of tents or other overnight occupancy facilities for use by visitors to the site is not permitted.

7. The use of a seasonal campsite must be incidental to recreation. Permanent residence is not permitted.

8. Electric golf carts are permitted for seasonal campers. Golf carts must be registered with your seasonal contract. Only licensed drivers over the age of 21 will be permitted to operate golf carts in the campground. Your campsite number must also be displayed on the golf cart. Only one golf cart may be registered per site.

9. Two vehicles are permitted per site for Seasonals, addition vehicles are $50 per month, per additional vehicle.


All Seasonals are required to pay for their electric at the rate of $0.25 per KWH. The Management will read the Seasonal’s electric meter upon arrival, and on the first of every month throughout the camping season and at the end of the camping season.


There is no additional charge for the use of water, however, water is a limited resource. Filling pools, external containers, or any other excessive water usage will result in removal from the property, and forfeit of the deposit.


A $600 deposit is required to hold a seasonal campsite for any length of time. Site rentals and electric payments are due on the 1st of the month. Prorated payments will be made for Seasonals upon arrival. If payment is not made by the 5th of the month at 6pm, the deposit will be forfeited by the Seasonal, and they will be removed from the property. Deposit will be refunded after Management has inspected the site to ensure proper site clean-up.

Management reserves the right at all times to terminate the tenancy of a Seasonal for any reason and will not be responsible for damage to RV or any other personal property; nor accidents; nor injuries; fire, theft or loss of valuables anywhere on campground property.

Opening Day is May 1st.

Closing Day is October 31st.

Trailers left on site after the Closing Day will result in loss of Deposit, and will be moved to the storage area. A weekly fee of $50 dollars will be applied until the trailer is removed from the property.