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Reserving Space at Burroughs.

To request the use of spaces at Burroughs, please use the links below to check whether your space is free first, and, if it is, use the link on that calendar page to make a facilities request. We are lucky that we have so many ways to get involved at Burroughs. This means, though, that it is a big job to keep track of what's going on in all the spaces. Please forgive us (and let us know!) if it turns out that one of these calendars is incorrect. (Note: room locations and capacities are in parentheses.)
Conference Rooms:                                  

#1 (Commons, 16+)    
      (very limited availability Aug.-Nov.)                                                                                      
#2 (Commons, 20+)                                         

Combined #1 & #2                                            
       (please check each separately)
#3 (Across from bookstore, 20)
       (limited availability mornings)
#5 (Athletic Center, 20)
        (expect limited availability)                       

#6 (Plant Operations, 8)                                     
        (expect limited availability)

Art Galleries:

Kuehner Gallery

Bonsack Gallery
Haertter Hall Locations:

Haertter Hall Auditorium

Haertter Hall Lobby

Haertter Hall Overlook

Other Spaces:
        (expect limited availability when classes are in session)

Student Commons

Snack Shack (across from bookstore)

Dining Room

Faculty/Staff Dining Room (South end of Brauer Building, near Food Service, 20)

Library (temporary location in Multi-Purpose Room)