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General Information

This page is a centralized index page for many of the calendars that are likely to be of interest to large groups of people in the Burroughs Community. If there is a calendar you'd like to see listed in the index, feel free to email us (calendars@jburroughs.org) with a suggestion. Please remember that maintaining these calendars can be a lot of work, so we will have to balance the usefulness of the calendar with the effort it might require from a faculty member or administrator. If you are planning to maintain a calendar for your own personal use anyway, and you think others at the school might be interested, we would welcome volunteers who would be willing to update and manage a calendar for the school.

This index can be useful in two ways:

1. One-time use

If you only need to check on an occasional event on a calendar (you want to see a home game this weekend, or a friend asks about an admissions deadline), you just click on the calendar you need from the index, and that calendar will appear. Simply find the information you're looking for. Clicking on the event will give you the option of adding just this one event to your own calendar.

2. Subscribing

If you use Google calendars (or a variety of other calendar programs), and one (or more) of the calendars here will help you manage your life at Burroughs better (you're a faculty member who wants to know when field trips are happening, or you have children on a couple of teams), you can subscribe to the calendar. This means that it will show up among your list of available calendars—to the left of the main calendar in Google, under the "Other Calendars" heading—and you can integrate it into the calendar you already have. You can click on individual events to get a reminder sent ("When is that game tomorrow?") or for extra information ("Which kids are going on that field trip?").

To subscribe, click on the name of the calendar to get it to appear, and when it does, click on the button on the bottom right of the calendar that says "+ Google Calendars," and Google will give you the option to subscribe. Note that some of the calendars are only available for viewing and subscription by faculty and staff. Note that subscribing means that if we change an event on the calendar, the change will automatically appear on your calendar. A subscription means that you are essentially gaining access to a permanent window through which you can see our most recent version of the calendar; it does not simply mean that all the events become etched in stone in your personal calendar.

To temporarily hide or reveal a subscribed calendar in Google, simply click on it in the list. To unsubscribe to a calendar in Google, click on "settings" in the drop-down menu next to "My Calendars," and a list will appear with the option to delete a calendar.