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Listing of all home sporting contests      


Boys Cross Country

Boys Football:   Varsity      JV      7th/8th

Boys Soccer:    Varsity      JV       C       8th       7th

Boys Swimming

Girls Cross Country

Girls Field Hockey:   Varsity     JV      C     7th/8th

Girls Golf:        Varsity         JV

Girls Tennis:    Varsity          JV          JV2

Girls Volleyball:   Varsity        JV        C      7th/8th


Boys Basketball:        Varsity        JV        C

Boys Ice Hockey

Boys Wrestling

Girls Basketball:        Varsity        JV        C

Girls Swimming


Boys Baseball:            Varsity        JV        JV-reserve

Boys Golf

Boys Lacrosse:            Varsity        JV

Boys Tennis:                Varsity        JV


Water Polo

Girls Lacrosse:               Varsity        JV        JV2

Girls Soccer:                   Varsity        JV